Office 365 Backup, Difference Between Remote and Native

Office 365 Backup and recovery helps IT administrators with an effective, cost-effective remote backup solution which enables them to efficiently and automatically restore data from varied removable storage devices such as flash drives, external hard drives and compact digital cameras. The unique feature of this product is that it supports the full range of Microsoft Exchange Server requirements, while offering users the ability to store and backup their data anywhere, anytime. It does not matter whether you are at home or at work – the software can keep track of all your files and data in real time. In order to utilize Office 365 Backup and recovery, you need to download the software onto a computer that is running Microsoft Exchange Server.

There are various benefits of Office 365 backup and recovery: First, you will be able to quickly regain access to business critical data, even if your server goes down for a period of time. Second, you can make sure that no data is lost and that all your employees are able to access their email, calendars and contacts. Third, the software helps you maintain compliance standards by restoring data on-site, even if the primary server is unavailable. Fourth, Office 365 recovery helps you reduce risk of recovery failure and helps you avoid costly IT costs.

However, before you can take advantage of Office 365 backup and recovery solutions, you must have a clear understanding of your organization’s data retention and compliance standards. All companies should be aware of data retention laws. A company’s data retention requirements vary according to state laws. Also, there are some third-party policies such as data deduplication which may also impact your company’s requirements. You should also understand third-party policies such as what data is considered “out-dated” or otherwise not useful to the company, and what type of information should be classified as “secret” or otherwise not accessible. You should also ensure that you comply with any other local and national data retention and compliance policies.

If your company has no special or unique data loss needs, Office 365 backup and recovery with dedicated protection is the best solution. With this service, you can automatically schedule a daily review and recovery for your entire enterprise. Each employee’s time spent in front of the computer is accounted for when using this solution. The service automatically starts and terminates the process once the daily review is complete. This process also reduces redundancy, saves time and allows for optimal productivity. If you use Office 365 and have a dedicated recovery plan, you won’t need to contact and schedule recovery meetings with individual employees which can be time consuming.

There are two main types of office 365 backup solutions – online and on-site. The on-site option offers more flexibility. It usually requires a small investment and is less time-consuming. This method also provides the most flexibility since it is easier to schedule backups at different times of the day. On the other hand, remote online backups are usually less reliable and are more expensive.

The major drawback to using remote Office 365 backup is that it lacks access to company’s advanced IT system. If your company’s IT department is located in another geographic location, you might be unable to access company’s resources at a later date. Since remote Office 365 recovery solutions are hosted by an outside provider, they are not configured with native controls. These control features can help prevent accidental data loss and help recover data quickly. If you have existing native controls, you should upgrade them to the latest version.

Native controls help your company maintain business continuity. In the event of disaster, your company’s data and infrastructure is protected. With on-site or remote Office 365 backup solutions, data loss is more likely. With the remote Office 365 cloud backup and recovery options, the recovery process may take up to several days.

Hybrid managed services with on-site access control and security are great for small businesses that do not yet have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. With on-site access control, you gain access to your company’s IT system, which includes security features. Remote or native Office 365 backup solutions with on-site access control and security will help protect data in the event of system failure.

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